Four new institutes join the IMISCOE network

IMISCOE is very happy to welcome four new member institutes. MPI-MMG, COMPAS, Middlesex University and HIVA/KU-Leuven will join the network as of immediately This brings the total number of IMISCOE member institutes at a record number of 35.


New publication agreement with Springer

IMISCOE has closed an agreement with Springer for publishing the IMISCOE Book Series and the journal Comparative Migration Studies. This agreement allows IMISCOE to take a new step in developing its publication series, which had been first established in 2004.


What IMISCOE does


IMISCOE has established a number of publication series, including books as well the journal Comparative Migration Studies. In terms of book publications, IMISCOE has established a reputable IMISCOE Book Series with over 50 books over the past decade. Most books  previously published can be found in the OAPEN library as well. All books are submitted to a rigorous peer-review procedure via the IMISCOE editorial committee. Furthermore, withthe IMISCOE Textbooks series, the network also provides a platform to publish educational books for use in the training of graduate-level students pursuing migration, integration and ethnic studies.



Throughout the year numerous IMISCOE events are organised, in the context of research clusters, publication events, PhD training, etc. The most important item on the annual agenda of IMISCOE is the annual conference, which has been organised every year since 2004 by one of IMISCOE's member institutes. This year's 11th Annual Conference will be organised by IUEM in Madrid; in 2015 the 12th Annual Conference will be held in Geneva (25-27 June 2015).



Over the past decade the IMISCOE RN has provided seed money to selected research initiatives. It has issued five consecutive Calls (2009-2014) for new research initiatives. The aim of these initiatives is to mobilize colleagues in order to explore possibilities of enhancing new research (by developing research proposals), of joint publications or other activities around specific topics as well as the establishment of Standing Committees for more long term research initiatives.


Training & Awards

Training of researchers is an essential task of the Network. By pooling the resources and expertise of its partners and members, IMISCOE facilitates the highest quality training for all Network members. It also makes long-term investments in the broader field by opening its training facilities to non-members. To this aim, the Network organizes annual winter- or summer schools for PhD's, as well as specific training modules at other IMISCOE events.


News & Newsletters

IMISCOE distributes news from the IMISCOE network as well as news from IMISCOE members (individuals as well as member institutes). The latter category includes news on activities, research, publications and events from members, as well as selected news that is important for the network members. Both types of messages are also included in the monthly newsletters of IMISCOE.



New issue of Comparative Migration Studies (2:2)

New issue of Comparative Migration Studies (2:2) online now. This open issue includes a special symposium on EU Asylum and Migration Policy after the Arab Spring (guest editors Christian Kaunert and Sarah Leonard). See also CMS on IngentaConnect

IMISCOE Research Series

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Coming soon:

Migration from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe: Past Developments, Current Status and Future Potentials
2014 Michael Bommes, Heinz Fassmann, Wiebke Sievers


Just Published in the IMISCOE Textbook Series

An Introduction to International Migration Studies: European Perspectives

Edited by Marco Martiniello and Jan Rath

January 2013
Amsterdam University Press
ISBN 978 90 8964 456 5
Paperback 388 pages
€ 42.50


Book Series and Journal CMS moving to Springer

Currently the IMISCOE Book Series and the journal CMS are moving to a new publisher: SpringerDuring the transfer, new upload facilities through this website are under development. Of course, you can still submit books manuscript and articles via mail.



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