About the Podcast

The field of migration and mobility studies is vast and has grown exponentially over the past decades. At the same time, migration and fears of the foreign dominate public discourse around the world.

To make sense of the movement of people, this podcast explores the latest in migration and mobility research globally. Providing a platform for migration scholars to speak about their projects, ideas and insights, the IMISCOE Migration Podcast aims to publicize and render more accessible their work.

The Migration Podcast is an initiative by the IMISCOE network- Europe's largest network of migration scholars.

Our episodes feature people engaged in research worldwide, and across various career stages.

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About our Guests:

  • our guests represent a diversity of regional and thematic interests relating to migration
  • our guests are researchers and practitioners who undertake major national and regional projects, as individuals or as part of a team. The research covered in this podcast is based on empirical data
  • we are interested in researchers and practitioners who have extensive experience with government and non-government entities, and scholarly institutions
  • we especially welcome hearing stories about positive societal impact



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