The transnational social contract in the Global South


In this episode, Roos Derrix chats with Gerasimos Tsourapas and Kamal Sadiq about their latest project on the politics of South-South labour migration, and the development of a transnational social contract between states and their migrant populations.

They explain how, in the context of labour migration to the Gulf Cooperation Council states, migrant agency is curtailed through surveillance and labour commodification, while novel forms of dependence are created between countries of origin and destination. Gerasimos and Kamal argue that innovative methods and further work on postcolonial migration states are needed to further untangle and to understand these practices.

Kamal Sadiq is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Director of the Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of California, Irvine.

Gerasimos Tsourapas is a Professor of International Relations in the School of social and political sciences at the University of Glasgow.

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The research behind this interview was funded by the UK Research and Innovation (grant reference no. EP/X019667/1)

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