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On researching how and why people migrate, for over 50 years

Russell King

Russell King has been teaching and researching the topic of migration for more than 50 years. In this episode, he is interviewed by Sara Hannafin about thinking beyond the dominate frameworks of how and why people migrate.

How to foster a career across disciplines & sectors

Bernadette Nirmal Kumar

In this episode, Larisa Ozeryansky speaks to Dr. Bernadette Nirmal Kumar, expert in migration and health, about her career trajectory from working in medicine, to public health policy and pursuing academic research.

Statelessness and Research Ethics

Natalie Brinham

Natalie Brinham talks to Samanwita Paul about the rich field of statelessness studies, how survivors of state crime disrupt dominant discourse around “legal identity”, and her experience of conducting qualitative research with Rohingya in the wake of the genocide in 2017.

Digital Migration

Koen Leurs

Migrants are natural adopters of mobile technologies. Rob Sharp interviews Koen Leurs about his book Digital Migration. They discuss the datafication of migration and that migration researchers need to avoid enabling mechanisms of migration control.

Refugees as Architects

Ayham Dalal

In this episode Amanda Alencar speaks to Ayham Dalal about how refugees living in camps adapt the space around them to fit their needs.

About turning data into art

Caroline Wanjiku Kihato

Have you ever considered translating your research into music or other forms of art? Caroline Wanjiku Kihato speaks about how she collaborated with artists to turn stories from her book “Migrant Women of Johannesburg: Life in an in-between City” into a musical composition.

On using participatory filmmaking in research

Kevin Smets

In this episode, we explore how participatory filmmaking can be used in research. Amanda Alencar spoke to Kevin Smets about studying borderlands through film.

Comparing refugee reception in Germany in 2015 and today

Birgit Glorius

In this episode, Asya speaks to Birgit Glorius about whether refugee reception and reception infrastructure in Germany have changed over time.

About the role of perceptions and (mis)information in migration to Europe

Diotima Bertel, Sara C. Granger, Elizabeth Kassinis & Alagie Jinkang

Since 2019, I was involved in PERCEPTIONS, a research project exploring perceptions and imaginaries of Europe, how these came about, how they circulated, and their role in migration decisions. As the project comes to a close, I am discussing some of the findings with four of my co-researchers.

About Ukrainian displacement since 2014

Viktoria Sereda

Our guest today is Viktoria Sereda, a Ukrainian scholar whose research expertise straddles the formation of sociopolitical identity, cross-regional mobility, as well as internal and international displacement of Ukrainians following the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014.