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About Ukrainian displacement since 2014

Viktoria Sereda

Our guest today is Viktoria Sereda, a Ukrainian scholar whose research expertise straddles the formation of sociopolitical identity, cross-regional mobility, as well as internal and international displacement of Ukrainians following the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014.

On complementary pathways

Zvezda Vankova & Albert Kraler

Complementary pathways are safe and legal pathways outside of traditional resettlement for refugees looking to relocate.

Who is academic podcasting for? Bella´s Research Results

Bella C. Gualano

Academic podcasting is enjoying a steady increase in engagement across all fields. But who is it for? Bella investigated how academic podcasting is perceived and received by audiences.

On how farmers cope with displacement in Mozambique

Gediminas Lesutis

Gediminas Lesutis spoke to Jolynna Sinanan about the displacement and resettlement of small-scale farmers because of mining activities in Mozambique, and how these farmers cope with the ensuing changes to their lives.

On Climate Change and Migration

Patrick Sakdapolrak

Patrick Sakdapolrak explores migration as a climate change adaptation strategy, speaks about his research on translocal social resilience, and tells us whether migration can impact sustainability practices.

Tell us what you think of academic podcasting

Isabella C. Gualano

Bella is joining our team from July to October to find out more about academic podcasting, its use cases and what makes a podcast 'academic'. Share your thoughts by participating in the survey.

On Eastern Europeans in the UK

Yva Alexandrova

In a 2016 referendum, the British public voted to exit the European Union. Xenophobia played an important role in the outcome of that vote, and a lot of that antipathy against migrants was directed towards Eastern Europeans.

Special Episode (3): Migration and Media

Myria Georgiou & Earvin Cabalquinto

Amanda Alencar discusses with our guests the role played by media and communication in the different aspects of migration, ranging from media representations of migrants to the mediated communication exchanges conducted in digital spaces. This is the final episode of our podcast crossover trilogy.

On understanding Social Complexity

Steven Vertovec

To kickstart our new series of episodes, we invited Steven Vertovec to speak about ways of studying and understanding one of the consequences of migration, that is social complexity.

Special Episode (2): Football, Race and Racism

Manou Anselma & John Olivieira

International migration in professional football has brought together players of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. In this second episode of the Culture & Inequality x The Migration Podcast trilogy, we discuss the linkages between race and sport, with a particular focus on football.