EuroMedMig Annual Report 2021

7 March, 2022

Since 2020, EuroMedMig will continue to produce and publish an Annual Report which most notably includes the progress made that year within its Main Pillars: Research Excellence, Advanced Training and Policy, and Social Dialogues.

The EuroMedMig Annual Report 2021 is now available! We are very proud of the number of activities that were organized in spite of the obstacles created by the covid-19 pandemic; 2021 was a very challenging year again and yet we continued to make EuroMedMig grow beyond the expectations. 


EuroMedMig’s main communication channels include the EuroMedMig website and Twitter account, these are used to disseminate its activities and to act as a source of knowledge
exchange in Mediterranean Migration Studies. You can request to subscribe to the distribution list through which its subscribers receive the network’s latest news and calls.

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