Become a member of the IMISCOE PhD Academy today! The call for applications for the admission of new members into the IMISCOE PhD Academy is now open.

The call for applications for the admission of new members into the IMISCOE PhD Academy has now opened and applications close on 29 August 2024.

Apply here to become a member of the IMISCOE PhD Academy today!

The IMISCOE PhD Academy aims to provide targeted migration research-specific training and networking opportunities for PhD researchers within the broad field of migration studies. The program’s goal is to fill a gap in the PhD training that most PhD researchers receive through their universities, by offering training on – among others, publishing, career development, applying for grants, post-PhD-life considerations, and networking specific to the migration studies field. These needs have been identified – time and time again – by the IMISCOE PhD community itself. The IMISCOE PhD Academy also facilitates the coordination of peer-mentoring among PhD researchers, as well as mentoring opportunities within the IMSICOE network. However, the approach adopted is that IMISCOE PhD Academy members take ownership themselves of structuring such mentorship meetings and are responsible for ensuring that they participate actively in these opportunities.

The IMISCOE PhD Academy strives to create an inclusive and diverse arena for PhD researchers in the broad field of migration studies, who desire to participate in an engaged program of exchange and learning, drawing on the combined strengths of the IMISCOE community. The IMISCOE PhD Academy supports and seeks to work in collaboration with the IMISCOE PhD Network.
More information about the Academy, including who can become a member, what it means to be a member, and details of the process of applying can be found at the bottom of the page.
The value-added of the Academy comes through maximizing the potential of synergies which lie within the IMISCOE network today. This means that the IMISCOE conferences, PhD summer (or winter) schools organised by IMISCOE member institutes, the PhD oriented activities of Standing Committees, and the work of the PhD Network, together contribute toward the Academy’s success, allowing the most interested and engaged PhD researchers a unique arena to develop and thrive.

In the face of climate consciousness and changed mobility preferences in the post-pandemic world, the IMISCOE PhD Academy organizes all of its activities online, taking an inclusive approach to participation, as mobility may be complicated for PhD researchers, for different reasons. In conjunction with the Annual IMISCOE summer conference, an informal socializing and networking event is co-organised with the PhD Network, where IMISCOE PhD Academy members also participate. 

Academy members will meet virtually for bi-monthly activities, for the annual IMISCOE PhD day (online), and for an in-person event in conjunction with the IMISCOE annual conference for those attending on-site. Because, we receive more applications for membership than the places available, Academy members will be expected to observe the following engagement requirements: 

-        Attend all IMISCOE PhD Academy bi-monthly events,
-        Participate regularly in the monthly peer-mentoring groups in the IMISCOE PhD Academy. 

Additionally, members are encouraged to participate in Standing Committee activities throughout their 2-year membership period.

The deadline for applications is August 29 – and the outcome of the selection process will be announced by 30 September 2024.

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