Episode number 7 of Voices of Lancashire is out now. Lhen: The journey of a Filipino woman from a breadwinner to mother and entrepreneur

In this episode, Lhen, a Filipino woman who arrived in Buckshaw Village in 2021, shares her story as the main breadwinner of a big family with 13 siblings. Lhen moved from a small town in Mindoro to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, where she worked in the fashion industry and, eventually, met the man she fell in love with and married. After many years in Dubai, the couple decided to relocate to the UK where they developed their own kitchen design business. New to this part of the world and without any friends, Lhen used social media to get in touch with other Filipino mums who live in the local area and developed a growing network of Filipino friends.

If you want to listen to the interview, search for Voices of Lancashire in the main podcast distributors or follow this link.

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