Researcher (junior) and Project Manager on the Horizon EU GS4S Project

03 December 2023
  • Employment 0.8–1.0 FTE
  • Gross monthly salary €3,226 - €5,090
  • Required background Research University Degree
  • Organizational unit Nijmegen School of Management

An aging workforce and the energy transition cause a shortage of relevant skills in the EU. Would you like to help develop global strategies to reduce skills shortages with international mobility schemes? Then join the Horizon EU project GS4S as a junior researcher and project manager and help work towards a socially sustainable global strategy for skills, migration, and development.

As a junior researcher and project manager on the Horizon EU project GS4S, you will facilitate the international research collaboration spanning 11 countries proposing global strategies to reduce skills shortages using international mobility schemes, considering the future of work and sustainable development. You will facilitate the daily information exchange and collaboration between the consortium partners and implement parts of the desk research and qualitative empirical research in the Netherlands.

You will be a member of the leading team and as such your tasks will entail the overall project management and communication with international consortium partners, the EU and external partners. You will facilitate weekly meetings of the project management team at Radboud University, organise monthly management and scientific check-in sessions with the consortium partners, and co-host bi-monthly coordination meetings with sister projects. These are primarily online meetings, which are key to a successful implementation of the projects and allow you to develop an international research network. Your overall management tasks will also entail contributions to progress reports to be submitted to the founder, support of knowledge exchange, communication, and dissemination activities with different stakeholders, which will include some travelling.

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Application deadline 03 December 2023 

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