The last episode of the first series of Voices of Lancashire is out! Irene: The journey of an Egyptian-British professional who has been an expat for most of her life

In this episode, Irene, an Egyptian-British professional who has lived in many countries around the world explores the “mosaic of cultures” she is. Irene is of Egyptian origin but was born in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), where she lived the first fifteen years of her life. After that, she spent the rest of her life between Egypt, the UAE, the UK, and Albania for work, family, and study. She lived in Preston between 2016 and 2023 where she worked as an Executive Coach and Talent Consultant for individuals and organisations as well as an MBA Student Coach at UCLAN University. This episode is a fascinating journey through the various cultures that have become part of Irene’s life and character and her professional endeavour as an Executive, Life and Team Coach aiming to help individuals, teams, and organisations to raise their courageous authentic leadership through greater conscious awareness and to “choose with intent”.


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