CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Members of the IMISCOE External Affairs Committee (EAC)

IMISCOE is now seeking candidates for 3 positions as Members of the External Affairs Committee (EAC). EAC is an Executive Committee of the IMISCOE Network and, as such, an internal part of the Network’s governance structure. In their role, EAC members have the opportunity to actively shape IMISCOE’s strategic plans for academic, social and institutional external actions, in order to further strengthen the Network’s position and visibility in global and multiscale debates.

About the role

The members of the External Affairs Committee are expected to actively contribute to the Committee’s meetings, discussions, and activities. Meetings are expected to take place at least two times a year (usually before the IMISCOE Spring and Annual Conferences), but they can be more frequent, depending on needs. Most meetings will be online, although some may take place on-site or be scheduled in a hybrid format during IMISCOE events. Between meetings, Committee members are also expected to actively contribute to internal EAC discussions taking place via email regarding the planning and implementation of the Committee’s strategies and activities. One of the main tasks of EAC is also to serve as an editorial committee for the preparation of the IMISCOE Bulletin, ensuring its quality and content. Additionally, EAC is responsible for promoting IMISCOE through social and institutional external actions. The Committee also advises other groups within IMISCOE’s governance structure (including the Network Office, the Board of Directors, Executive and Standing Committees) on external actions. In line with Article 7 of the IMISCOE Consortium Agreement (CA), the standard term of membership for the Committee is of maximum four (4) years, after which the IMISCOE Executive Board (EB) can decide, upon request of the Committee Chair, to extend a second term of maximum 4 years.

About the nomination process

Nominations for the membership of the External Affairs Committee are open to all individuals who are either: a) representatives of IMISCOE Member Institutes OR; b) individual members of the IMISCOE Network. Nominations must come from the candidates themselves. Potential candidates are also strongly encouraged to contact the IMISCOE Network Office ahead of the nomination deadline in case they wish any further clarifications regarding the membership and role of the External Affairs Committee. No person can be, at the same time, member of more than two (2) IMISCOE Executive Committees.

Each nomination should be sent out in a PDF file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 30th of April 2024. The PDF file (500 words max) should include a short statement summarizing the candidate’s motivation for joining this Committee, their relevant experience for the role, a short bio, and a short description of how they can contribute to EAC.
The IMISCOE Network Office shall circulate all candidacies to IMISCOE’s Executive Board, which shall appoint the new EAC members. We expect the new members to start their mandate in June 2024 and participate in the open reflection meeting that EAC will be organising during the Annual Conference in Lisbon.

In line with the principles reflected in Article 8 (Diversity, equality, and inclusion) of the IMISCOE Consortium Agreement, the Network aspires to be inclusive and will particularly welcome nominations from under-represented groups in the membership of its governance bodies. EAC is also particularly interested in ensuring in its composition the representation of different regions.