• PhD School

    2024 IMISCOE PhD School

    3-7 June 2024, Preston- University of Central Lancashire & Online
    Migration, Race and Inclusivity
    Event organised by: the Centre for Migration, Diaspora and Exile (MIDEX) and the Global Race Centre for Equality (GRACE) at the University of Lancashire (UCLan) This PhD school will revolve around the concepts of migration, intersectionality and...
  • Workshop: Demystifying machine learning for population researchers

    Max Planck Intsitute for Demographic Research
    Advances in computational power and statistical algorithms, in conjunction with the increasing availability of large datasets, have led to a Cambrian explosion of machine learning (ML) methods. For population researchers, these methods are useful not...
  • IMISCOE Spring Conference – PhD Event

    Koç University, Istanbul and online
    Crafting Impactful Migration Research: Insights from Journal Editors
    The IMISCOE PhD Network invites PhD students to join us for this year's PhD event at the Spring Conference held at Koç University. Centered around the theme "Crafting Impactful Migration Research: Insights from Journal Editors," this engaging session is...
  • Spring Conference

    2024 IMISCOE Spring Conference in Istanbul and online

    Koç University, Istanbul
    Mobilities and Immobilities in an Era of Polycrisis
    The Migration Research Center at Koç University (MiReKoç) is proud to announce that it will host the IMISCOE 2024 Spring Conference in Istanbul and online on 17-19 April 2024 . The conference also celebrates MiReKoc’s 20th anniversary. Visit the...
  • La 2e séance du séminaire: Mobilités et Appartenance (MobAp)

    le vendredi 23 février 2024 - 9h30-12h30
    Cette séance aura lieu exceptionnellement Aix-Marseille Université, Aix-en-Provence, Campus Schuman, bâtiment Egger, salle E005 Nous accueillerons Valérie Cuzol (Centre Max Weber/Université Lumière Lyon 2). De l’intime au politique. La narrativité des...