Being an individual member of IMISCOE gives access to various benefits and opportunities. Some benefits are only available to persons who are associated to an IMISCOE institute as researcher, PhD or student. These are addressed under the section additional benefits for institutional members.

Membership will always be for the period of a year and can start at any moment in the year.

Individual Membership

  • Full waiver for the conference fee to the annual IMISCOE conference (one per membership period of 12 months)
  • Receive the IMISCOE newsletter with relevant news on funding opportunities, conferences, network activities and publications
  • Opportunity to participate in IMISCOE Research Groups (on approval by the coordinator of the Research Group (see category √)
  • For PhDs; receive a discount on participation in IMISCOE training activities (including summer- and winter schools)
  • Full and free access to manuscripts of all manuscripts published in the IMISCOE book series or in the journal CMS (including the non-Open Access books published since 2014)

Institutional memberships: benefits only available for members working at an IMISCOE institute

√ Opportunity to share news from your institution via IMISCOE newsletters and social media

√ Opportunity to request seed-funding for research activities under IMISCOE’s scheme for standing committees and research initiatives. They can also participate and coordinate these research groups.

√ Full waiver of Open access publication costs for any article submitted to the journal Comparative Migration Studies, in all cases where own institutions do not provide funding for publication. This applies to anyone working at your institute (at least one of the authors must be working for your institute). 

√ Financial and editing support for Open Access publishing in the IMISCOE book series (co-financing of 50% of the open access fee)

√ Opportunity to participate in IMISCOE boards and committees (Board of Directors, Executive Board, Editorial Committee, Training Committee, Conference Committee) and start and coordinate IMISCOE activities (one representative per institute in the Board of Directors). To participate in any of these committees, the person involved must be employed at an IMISCOE institute.

√ Opportunity to organize and receive subsidies for IMISCOE events, like the Annual Conferences, Spring Conferences and Summer/Winter Schools, etc.


The fee for conference registration (including individual membership for the period of one year) is €200 per person. PhD-students favour a discount of €50.

More information on institutional membership

The IMISCOE Board of Directors decides on applications from member institutes. IMISCOE aims to have member institutes from across Europe (and beyond), as well as member institutes that bring in a particular discipline or other sorts of expertise that has added value to the Research Network. Institutional partners pay an annual fee (€3000).

If you would like to join the IMISCOE Research Network, please visit the IMISCOE website for subscription. Institutions that want to become a member are requested to contact the Network office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.